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5 Reasons Why the Coloring Craze is a Family Affair

By Christopher Russell Goff October 24, 2017 0 comments

5 Reasons Why the Coloring Craze is a Family Affair

We live in a hectic world today. Between job demands, kid’s schedules, and trying to find time for yourself, it can seem like the stress is closing in on you at all hours of the day. Living in a world dominated by increasing time demands makes purposeful, therapeutic relaxation and family activities as important as ever. One way to achieve that is through creativity.

A new study published in the Journal of the American Art Therapy Association confirmed that everyone, kids and adults, receives benefit from the positive psychological effects of creativity, regardless of talent. Specifically, creating art lowers our stress hormone levels. Not to mention, you can create art with your kids for a total family bonding experience.

Here are 5 reasons why your family can benefit from the Coloring Craze:

1. Relaxing Therapy:
Making art is therapeutic for your brain. It’s also therapeutic for kid’s brains, and instills confidence in them after looking at something they created. With our Watercolor Bundle, every color imaginable is included for your creative expression.

2. Mindfulness:
Painting and drawing are actually a form of mindfulness. When you paint, you are so focused on a singular detail in the present that you actually let go of your existential worry during that time. You slow your breathing, and experience a relaxation that everyone is in desperate need of today.

3. Creative Discovery:
This is especially important for your kids. By watercoloring regularly, they will become comfortable with the act of creative discovery, and therefore feel confident in their ability to create something totally new. This is an incredibly valuable skill and confidence base that will carry them through schooling and beyond.

4. Confidence:
Nothing is more rewarding than sitting back and taking in the artwork you created. With our kits, since over 72 pencils and 20 brush pens are included, they complement frequent watercoloring for the whole family. The more your kids watercolor, the more confident they’ll feel. They’ll start to acquaint themselves with sustainable confidence, and rise above doubts and passive bullying they may encounter in years to come.

5. Bonding:
Family-friendly bonding activities are absolutely priceless today. As a busy parent, you probably feel like life is passing you by. When you sit down with our family watercoloring kit, you and your kids will be able to bond over the watercoloring process and finished products at the end of it all. Our watercoloring set contains everything you could ever need.

The Watercolor Bundle is made up of a few carefully selected art supplies to giving any enthusiastic budding artists a head start, no matter what age or level of creative flare.

The Watercolor Bundle comes with 72 watercolor pencils, a pencil bag, a brush, one sharpener, and an eraser. It also contains one watercolor paper pad, 20 watercolor brush pens, and a 100% return guarantee when purchased today

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Our Amazing Watercolor Bundle is a complete all-in-one set that can be used by both kids and adults for a joyful, relaxing experience.

Check it out today:

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